Quick Messy Bun Tuts #1

Second day hair is awesome for quick,easy,cute hair buns. The textured hair is very helpful to ¬†achieve your desired messy cute hair bun. I am a huge fan of hair tutorials on YouTube, so I listed the most common tutorial I personally did to my hair even before up until now. I hope this video tutorials of the coolest you-tubers will help you outūüėČ

This Tutorial Video #1 is from BubzBeauty,  she is one of  my favorite vlogger and youtuber for almost 4 years now. This tutorial  is good for medium layered hair.


This Tutorial Video #2 is from LuxyHair, I saw her channel while looking for some easy everyday hairstyles and no wonder she got it all on her channel! This one is cool for medium length hair.


This Tutorial Video #3 is from BubzBeauty, this another Tut Video of her is for those who got their braid  aftermath or who have curls. This Korean hair bun is for you!


This Tutorial Video¬†#4¬†is from¬†x3Haha, I bet you won’t believe that you can use your pen and marker to style your hair, but this You-tuber proved me wrong, check her channel!ūüėČ This¬†Hair bun tutorial she made is awesome for¬†long textured hair.


This Tutorial Video #5 , This last tutorial is from xkristacosmetics,  this video is her most watched vid on her , and I am not wondering why! This one is also cool for your second day hair .


I hope you all guys love the tutorial links, try them in the future or later! I swear to God they are all easy and gorgeous to wear.

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Random Guys Sing All Together!

So the guy who posted this on facebook got this original caption “I was walking to kroger and saw this guy playing a song. It sounded good so I decided to record it. By the end of the song three guys started jamming. This truly is music in its simplest form. It really reminds of the Austin days. Enjoy”

I think this is really cool,to see people randomly singing.


Credit to Mr.Jaime Tatos Maldonado who own the video.

Make Up Hack #1

Trick and Tips is full of fun when you are really in a hurry, so for those girls out there who wanted to learn more of Make Up Hacks follow this post and check the first 10 Hacks I’ve learned from loads of bloggers wandering around the internet.


1. Dry lips is a NO NO!Dry skin should get off our lips.Using any brush (I personally use toothbrush) and a lip balm and a few back and forth scratch on our lips will help us get that smooth and baby lips. 102. Mascara is a must for every make ups, but most of us can’t help but to smudge some when applying it on our lower lashes or upper lashes . So using some plastic ¬†spoon ¬†we can be smudge free ! 6 3.Whats up with the white and black eye pencil on our water line? I personally use the White eye pencil for making my eyes pop whenever my eyes look tired. Black eye pencil is really good on making that dramatic effect on our eyes, so most of the time Black eye pencil is effective on making that dreamy eyes heavy and dark. 3 4. Want to make your eye shadow color pigmented? White eye liner is the trick! Making it as your base will help those lovely eye shadow color you wanted get more pigmented. 1 5. Scotch tape is a must to our next trick. Do you want to have that strong sharp edge effect? You only need a scotch tape to make it possible. 4 6. This next trick is a two in one trick, using your eyelash curler, add some black eye pencil on it, curl your lashes and POOF! You got your Line and Curl at the same time all done! 7 7. We might be concealing the wrong way in our whole life, but hey! This one will help us how to.Using your moisturizer,apply it on some blemishes or any areas you want to cover, using your ring finger dab some light concealer on those particular area and apply powder that matches your skin color to finish it off. 5 8. Blush on is different from the way you should contour your face, so this chart will help us how to make those apple cheek warm and pretty. 2 9. I know the feeling of that fading off lipstick whenever you are eating or drinking up. So this trick will help you out how to make that lipstick of yours smudge free and everlasting. Using your desired lipstick,apply it on and blot it down with tissue, apply some powder and reapply some lipstick and you are all set! 10.For our last entry, we have this not really trick but more of a how to easily contour. First is to highlight those of you wanted to pop out the most,like cheeks,nose,forehead and your chin. Next is to use a dark shade to contour or to make depth on your face,basically you have to apply some contour on the part where you don’t have your highlights,next is to blend them out nicely,set it with a powder and YES! you are done! 8

Anti-Social Life

This video is an eye opener for the new generation. It will make us realize that we are slowly drowning from being alone, from being blind and deaf to what we believe that this generation of ours shows the strength of communication yet weakens the strength of every relationship that keeps us bonded to one another.

Let us be reminded, that technology isn’t a norm.

Watch the video and realize the beauty of everything without gadgets and technology.

The feeling of being unattached

Being with someone you love is a real happiness in life.Cuddling,hugs and kisses is fun.But what if you are single?

What if you are UNATTACHED? How does it feel like? The feeling of how can you even survive Valentines without feeling terrible that you are alone while everyone else is happy and having dinner date and you are just chilling at home?

I’ve been in a relationship a long time ago,and I am in the stage of “Looking for my Special Someone” mode right now, but while looking out for him, I might as well write things about my day to day experience of being SINGLE.

This blog post of mine do not necessarily reflect ¬†everyone’s idea¬†of being single or for not being ¬†in to relationship, this is how I personally feel, and maybe some people¬†is feeling¬†too.

Everyday is Independence day!

This is what single people love about being unattached,the I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-C-E. I personally love doing things I wanted to do without asking anyone’s permission or telling them¬†the thing I gotta do everytime.

I don’t have to text “HIM” that I am going out with some friends, or going out for a drink or if am going to poop or if ¬†I just woke up or if ¬†I just arrive in the office or if I just open my eyes or if I just charge my phone or anything!

Okay! My examples are just way too exaggerated,I know! But I had an experience of doing those things, like texting “HIM” specifically the things I just did or just about to do. Whooa, the feeling of being independent is just the same feeling of taking off your bra after wearing it the whole day.

The Forever Alone Feeling

Single people for sure felt this Forever Alone Feeling once or twice or more in their life.I myself feel this whenever I am emotional(which is the worst feeling ever), whenever I want to feel like cuddling someone but then I remember I am a Forever Alone person so I will just hug my pillow and cry (JK) or whenever I am reminiscing good old memories while listening to  some love songs that I once dedicated to a person.(Tip: If you are moving on,do not listen to some song that makes you remember the person you are trying to forget, or else you are just torturing yourself.)

It is sometime depressing in a way that it is making me ask myself  WHY AM I ALONE? But in the end of the day, I always see the bright side of being independent and single HAHAHA (evil laugh).

The Hunter

If you are in a searching for a girl/guy mode, you might be dating some cool girl/guy you like. I can say that this is one of the fun part of being single.You can enjoy meeting new people in a way that you might like them and they might like you and BAAM! You might just be the perfect couple in the future.

Okay, so meeting new people might be overstated here.What I mean is, there are a lot of chances for you to know a lot of person when you are in a Searching Mode.You can try Online Dating or Blind Dates or you can ask your friend to match you up with some of their friends.The possibility of liking a person is way too high when you get to know them,and looking for someone is the fun part of being unattached.Happy Hunting!

Hashtag True Happiness

When you are just alone and you are all by yourself, there are people that will make you realize what True Happiness is.They are hiding as our Family and Friends.¬†The sure thing of being single is that you don’t have someone special by your side, but that thing won’t stop the magic of true love by your family and friends. They will always be there in your high and lows, they will never ever unattached their string to you, they are our #TrueHappiness.

More of About Me

I believe this is the last part we where I realized I have to learn more about myself.Being alone will make you realize the changes about yourself, it will help us grow and build things up in our own ways. We are not getting any younger, and I am pretty sure that the person 10 years ago is not you anymore, I myself believe that I have new ideas of what my life in the future might be and there are changes from my ideas 10 years ago. Having your space alone is a chance of knowing more of yourself and growing up to it.


YES! That is all for this post. I hope you guys somehow relate to it even if its more of in general. In the end of the day I still believe that SINGLE slash UNATTACHED people is reserved to someone awesome and amazing.Keep believing and keep spreading the love!

Have a nice day lovies!‚̧



I found this photo in Pinterest and its kind of creepy at first.Knowing the caption of the photo tells that the guy in it had an extra face and he believe it is a demon head that is telling him to do evil stuff.
So I decided to do some research about this case since I am really curious about it.
Then I came up to this article that this photo that is wandering in the internet is just a wax figure to showcase how Edward Mordrake situation might be.
There are also case that is very alike to him in Asia, there is Chang Tzu Ping was discovered in China in the late 70’s or early 80’s to have the same situation.

This might look creepy but its an eye opener for a lot of possibilities.

FYI: I made the real wax figure the featured image above.

XO <3

I know Queen B is an awesome singer, but then I really wanna emphasize her music and the message in it that makes her song out standing and incredible.

I just recently found out XO and learn the beaut of this song.

Hello reality! What’s up responsibility!

Yeey! I just recently finish College this last April 2014. After 6 years of Schooling in Elementary, 4 years in High School and another 4 years in College, I earn my bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.

How do¬†I feel right now? Well, I am very happy,excited and afraid. Happy in a way that after all the hardship I went through with in four years is now paid off, and finishing College is one of my parents dream for me because they say a better education is all that they can give that no one can ever take .I am also excited in a sense that I am stepping out of my comfort zone, I am now going to seek for a job experience where its different from just being a regular student,because stepping out of your comfort zone out there is like finding yourself a food to eat in the jungle, where there will be no assurance of safety and yes,you might not get any food for once or for a long time.Well, since we are talking about the hunting in the jungle,yes my last emotion is I am afraid.I am afraid because I don’t know what is out there, I am not afraid of ¬†getting out there to hunt a job, answer each question they want me to answer and make them believe I fit for the job, actually its my thing.Talking is my thing, I am not afraid of talking to anyone out there, what I am afraid of is the fact that I am facing the reality of life, that I should be no longer asking for my parents help in financial matter,that I should get my ass up to find a job and face in dependency.This is life, yes! This is really it!

Maybe after a few months or so,I can add up a new post telling how happy I am in the jungle or out of my comfort zone,living my life earning all the experiences and facing the reality responsibly.

Good luck to me and to all the Graduates of 2014.